Our first few days…


Well, it’s been quite a couple of weeks.  The new website went live last weekend.  Well, actually, last Sunday at 2:30am to be precise!  Then our kids ‘went live’ 4 hours later and since then we have been working non-stop to iron out as many of the creases as possible.  So please bear with us; we’ve spotted the odd typing mistake, and yes, we find them really annoying too!   We will keep trying to ensure the site is error free…  Hopefully you’ll find it easy to navigate your way around, and as always, we’d love to hear what you think.

This weekend the family Cook took a trip out to Saint Omer in France to wish Bon Voyage to sister Tara (she is not a nun) and super cool partner, Wade, as they head off on their travels.  We fully expect new species of plants, animals and possibly humans, to be discovered by these two intrepid explorers.  Their natural nomadic skills are proven, having last year conquered the Burning Man festival in Arizona like it was child’s play, which by all accounts it was for them!  Safe trip you two.  We will all miss you terribly x










France was a great opportunity for us to make sure all was as it should be for you when you hire one of our GlamperVans.  The weather wasn’t great.  That’s the campers in us you see.  Optimistic even when the reality was that it pelted it down solidly for 3 days.  But, sales pitch aside, Wendy was a trooper!  The children indulged in Ice Age 3 (possibly the funniest one for us big boys and girls) at least 3 times and the bluetooth stereo system really came into its own, providing cinema-style surround sound.

Whilst Lukas and Finian watched the film, the rest of the family, Aly and myself barbequed under umbrellas, repeatedly joked about ‘how we wished we’d bought more cheese’ (four hundred weight of fromage dispersed over 3 fridges between 7 adults clearly wasn’t enough – oh how we laughed…) and generally caught up and relaxed.  That’s the beauty of camping.  You chat to each other and to people you’ve never met before.  And when it rains, it seems as though these relationships with family, friends and strangers become even closer.  That just doesn’t happen in hotels.

So, April has lived up to its reputation for showers.  Only, these were modern, power showers it seems or as Mrs C calls them, par shars, coming from Norn Iron (Northern Ireland) as she does.

Now we are looking forward to lovely, sunny, lazy days for you all.  We’ve looked into it and been told the sun will almost certainly shine.  It’s as certain as rain, daytime and night time.  That seems like pretty good odds to us.

Happy Glamping!

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