Lounge on the Farm review

Is It Really July 17th??
I looked at my phone this morning to check the time and noticed the date (why do we still wear watches Btw?!) I was shocked and stunned (or maybe I was a tad surprised…) to see that it be the 17th already! I mussed about whether or not to write a blog about Lounge On The Farm and quickly realised that my pondering was only happening because deep down I knew I absolutely should, must even, tell you all what a rip roaring, thigh slapping, spoon playing (too much…?) success the weekend was.

Firstly, the weather. Ordinarily, this comes second to the music, but of late, we have all become armchair meteorologists so I’m hedging my bets here that this is important commentary for you. Its appears that theres not much the British population don’t understand about the Gulf stream of late. Go back a few years and this was information relevant only to transatlantic balloonists and salty sea dogs but things have changed. So the weather – oh how lucky we were.

Whilst the rest of Kent turned into a big mudfest, Lounge on the Farm escaped relatively unscathed. Ok, so some of the lush greenness made way for a certain ‘river of chocolate’ look, but in the most cases the ground remained dry enough to sit on which was a real bonus.

And of course, there was the music. The real star of the weekend. From Emeli Sande, singing classics including ‘Heaven’, ‘Next To Me’ & ’My Kind Of Love‘ on Friday to our son’s favourite, the Zingzillas and of course some classic anthems from The Charlatans, the music was fantastic all weekend.

So the weather worked, the music was top draw stuff and the camping was proper Glamping! Our GlamperVans had their own dedicated area in the boutique camping field. Our first year of sharing the love with the tipis and bells, our campers added a different dimension and we were thrilled to bits to hear how much our customers loved their stay. So much so, we already have a road trip being worked on by one of our guests! To use his words about his fellow Glamping mates, “I think I’ve converted my friends to Glamping!” to use our words, “Welcome all to our wonderful world!”

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