Introducing Bonnie Custard…

It’s been another life changing week here at The GlamperVan Hire Company.  Our new arrival, a 1974 Commer called Bonnie Custard has just joined the fleet!

It all started last Friday morning, when we decided at the very last minute to make the drive from Whitstable to Royston, Hertfordshire to go and check her out.  Picture it.  No planning, just a spontaneous decision to go in case she was lovely and we missed out.  Now imagine two boys, a four and a one year old and still no planning.    Yup.  It took a while before the car pulled away….only to stop 7 miles down the road for a pee break…

So, three motorways, one coffee, lots of countdowns from ten as we approached tunnels and now even foot bridges (we have kept quiet about waving to Eddie Stobart lorries – our journeys are busy enough…), a further toilet stop later, and we finally arrived.

And there she was.   A stunning Commer Autosleeper.  Looking like she’d never seen a wet road and that all her previous owners have always taken their shoes off ‘indoors’.  She really looked fabulous.

We realised quite quickly that she is a truly rare find.  So many original features remaining, all the necessary creature comforts and not forgetting, a really cute face!

After much eye brow raising and lowering at each other, (that we later agree is meaningless to both of us), we made an offer.

Mr Brad Steel, film star of the future (you’ve got to be with a name like that…) is Bonnie’s owner.  A really lovely bloke, he joins us in the mad dash to the bank before it closed, fitting in a trip to the post office to buy some road tax and then back to Bonnie and off we went!

It was then time to slow down.  Camper time cannot be rushed.  It’s the law.  Bonnie was really turning heads on the journey back- lots of waves and smiles.  It was really fantastic.  We even had someone filming us, which was a worry as he was driving!

Now Bonnie Custard is being given all the necessary GlamperVan touches.  The five senses will be pampered by the additions we make to her and in just a few weeks she’ll be available for adventure and if it’s all about the company you keep, one thing is for sure, this GlamperVan will be very Bonnie company indeed.

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