What started it all? In our house we love old things.  Not just anything like old biscuits, more your trinkets, granddad’s medals… that sort of thing.  We also love camping, so when we bought our first classic campervan a good few years ago the next step of setting up The GlamperVan Hire Company was almost inevitable.  We wanted everyone else to experience this way of holidaying and with our love of a creature comforts, we wanted to create an experience that allows you to do it in style and total luxury. 

So why camping?  It’s the freedom first and foremost, along with the friendships you make, whether young or old, the sights, sounds and smells of the countryside and if you have children, when they’re sleeping (eventually), you can continue to enjoy yourself.

Our gorgeous GlamperVans allow you to have amazing experiences, whether it’s a holiday, a weekend break, a wedding or an event.So give us a call and let us help you decide how to travel and where to travel to.  We live and breathe this stuff! x








What motivates us? Simply, nice holidays.  Having a wonderful holiday is so important. You feel emotionally and physically recharged.  What we all need from time to time is a break from the norm, some fresh air, no ‘real’ plans, watching an open fire under a starry night, rather than the telly. Why would you compromise that for flight delays, swollen ankles and sore ears, with the prospect of repeating it all again in a few days time?

How we try to give a little bit back? We feel it’s important to give a bit back when you can. That’s why we give £5 from every hire to the charity Meningitis Now so they can continue to give families the essential support they need. Meningitis and septicemia can kill in hours and its impact lasts a lifetime.  Just £5 per hire can help Meningitis Now continue their crucial work in funding research, raising awareness and providing essential support.

What do we do? Experiences. Whether that experience is a holiday, a weekend away, wedding, event or photo shoot. We always aim to give you the best possible time.  We don’t just hire out campervans…

Preparing for your trip away. At The GlamperVan Hire Company we can help plan your trip from suggesting the best sites to stay at, deciding your route, we’ll even do your shopping for you! Let us set up you up at a local campsite after you’ve checked out some of our favourites here

Kent is renowned throughout the world as the Garden of England. Rightly so. It’s absolutely gorgeous. With history and heritage every which way you turn and rolling hills with oast houses dotted all over the countryside, we really do have it all here. We’ve created a list of some of the best things to do in the area, but if you need some more inspiration just give us a call and we can help you decide what’s best for you.

What do we want for you? Total luxury in a classic campervan. Fun (and fun and fun…), relaxation, AMAZING time for the kids, totally romantic for couples; this really is one of the best possible ways to spend your time.  The GlamperVans come completely kitted out – Bluetooth stereo systems, fridges, cooker, heaters, and these are just the bits we couldn’t upholster!

Corporate Our GlamperVans are retro cool and look fantastic. They are also a bit different. You don’t see many Commers around these days. They are ideal for TV and film work, PR and other corporate events. We can also arrange for our campers to have vehicle wraps with your advertising message on them. Ideal for sales promotion, product and event launches. In fact, as long as we think our girls will enjoy it, we are happy to let them go to most events!  But before you ask, that doesn’t include going banger racing in them…

Where are we based? You will find us on the outskirts of Faversham in Kent with easy access to the ports at Dover and the Channel Tunnel and welcome our GlamperVans being taken to explore Europe. Whatever kind of holiday you are looking for, check out our GlamperVans and do it in retro style!