The Meningitis Trust

We are proud to support Meningitis Now by donating £5 from every hire.

Meningitis can strike in an instant, but its impact can last a lifetime.  The Meningitis Trust helps those who have been affected by the condition, whenever and for as long as it’s needed.

Meningitis is inflammation of the membranes that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord. It can strike quickly and kill within four hours. Each year in the UK there are about 3,400 new cases of bacterial meningitis and up to 500,000 people in the UK have had meningitis. It can affect anyone, but those most at risk are children under five, young people between the ages of fifteen and twenty four and adults over fifty five.

Vaccines have been developed to protect against some strains of meningitis but not all. Therefore, it’s important to familiarise yourself with the symptoms, trust your instincts and, if you suspect something is wrong, seek medical help immediately.

Meningitis Now has been helping people rebuild their lives after meningitis since 1986 and have a team of specialist community support workers across the UK. They provides information, guidance and support – helping those fighting back from meningitis practically, emotionally and financially.

Meningitis Now is such a hugely important charity and they need as much support they can possibly get.  That’s why here at GlamperVan, we are a proud supporter of them and donate £5 from every hire, helping towards funding their amazing work.

To find out more about Meningitis and what this money will go towards,visit