Feelin Funky in Faversham!






We did it.  Our first show.  Funky tunes, Bonnie looking fabulous and most importantly, people loving what we are doing and wanting to take one of our GlamperVans away with them for something a little bit different!

It started off being different when we were outside our house, polishing cloths in hand, giving her the final coat of lovely shininess at 5am!  Then it was off to the show…

When we arrived we found ourselves next to a yellow VW and a yellow Bedford.  Quite the colour co-ordinated fleet!  Looking up into the heavens the clouds formed their heavy dark cover and we questioned whether our polishing efforts would be worth it.  But, against all the odds (and of late, the odds when it comes to good weather are not great!), the rain stayed away and later in the afternoon, the sun put his hat on and we shook it like a Polaroid to a bit of Isaac Hayes…  We all thanked the big orange ball in the sky for a bit of warmth and for making Bonnie shine and once the last flyer was plucked from our stand, we Boogie Oogie Oogied one last time and waved goodbye to Faversham.

One thing can be certain, Faversham Classic Car show definitely made us feel like We Got The Funk and we can’t wait to see everyone again next year.  Thanks to everyone who came and visited us, we hope to see you off in your very own GlamperVan soon!


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