Every Summer has a story….

…well, several in fact for us here at GlamperVan!  Here’s what we’ve been up to under the big burning ball in the sky…



The Market town on the borders with Devon; Forde Abbey; the Jurassic coast; carpet, and one of our greatest loves, River Cottage HQ!  We’ve been huge fans of Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall and the work of River Cottage for well over ten years now, wholeheartedly believing in many of their philosophies and wanting to play our own little part in forging change. So it was an absolutely incredible opportunity to visit in the summer for a bit of seashore foraging with John Wright, a wonderfully charming, intelligent and fascinating man who taught us all about the free larder we can help ourselves to by the beach.

So, we packed a few things including the children and made our way down to the south west…

En route to Chard, we stopped over in Newbury at the Langley Hall Inn – a campsite in pub garden!  We put the kids to bed in the front cab of Bonnie and chilled out in the back so as not to disturb them.  It was late, it was hot and it was lively.  We ordered a spritzer and a pint of fuddy duddy and settled down to enjoy a delicious pork and apple roll, straight from the hog roast (thanks guys – we were Hank Marvin!) before catching up with fellow campers who were set up for a weekend of perfectly placed camping.  More pub garden campsites we say!!


The next morning it was hot again.  Clearly we were now into a prolonged heat wave!  We passed the mother of all calendars, Stonehenge, and ended up behind a caravan the size of Wales being towed by a car the size of Ken and Barbie’s little weekend run around.  Imagine the game of ‘eye spy’ we enjoyed as we crawled behind the under-powered combo for the next 10 miles.  It was fine though; we love being asked to repeatedly guess a word beginning with ‘R’ (it was ‘road’….in case it might bug you…).

Finally, we arrived at Alpine Grove Touring Park campsite in Chard to see beautiful green pitches, with dappled light through the tree cover, a heated swimming pool and a ‘help yourself’ herb garden.  This was our kind of place.  With wonderful owners and a relaxed atmosphere (oh…and a rather fine swing and slide combination for the boys) we really can’t recommend this site enough.  We had a truly memorable stay here.


For our final stop on this particular mini adventure we stayed at a superb ‘en route’ campsite called Horsley, Camping and Caravanning Club Site.  Another great play area for the children (important stuff this) and lovely, clean, ‘grown up’ showers (not a push button in sight).  We enjoyed a gorgeous summer evening with a delicious meal prepared by Aly, Probably The Best Campsite Cook in the World…

Oh, the other places you will go…

Never ones to miss an opportunity to get away from the bricks and mortar for a few nights, we’ve also been busy checking out other great campsites and places of interest so that you can enjoy them too…


We stayed here a few times this year as it’s on our doorstep and is an incredible site with a really friendly atmosphere and amazing views across the channel.  When the weather’s good you can look across to France and if you take a stroll down to the beach, which is literally at the bottom of the campsite, you can stop for a drink and a bite to eat at the Zetland Arms pub which serves great pub food at a very reasonable price.  They’re great with children too which is always a big help.


A truly amazing site, Wellington Country Park Campsite is in the woods with beautiful large pitches, surrounding by a huge lake, a petting farm, mini railway for the kids (which we loved!), a good restaurant and a shop. It really was a brilliant place to stay with very helpful staff.  As a bonus, you have Legoland just down the road which, in no uncertain terms, was as much fun for us adults as it was for our two boys.


What a great site!  Surrounded by woodland which you can camp in, the guys at WoWo have really thought about what makes for a great camping experience.  Pitch up and light your fire in your own fire pit, with cooking grill.  If you bring an instrument and are happy to play to a very accommodating crowd, you can stay for free and this of course means that WoWo has a certain jamboree feel about it.  Off site, you have the historic Bluebell Railway which is just walking distance away.  A truly fantastic site!

Lounge on the Farm

Okay, so not strictly a campsite, but this is a great family friendly festival held in Canterbury every year and all our girls attend in the Boutique camping field. We are very lucky to have this on our doorstep and to be able to attend each year; this year Sea Sick Steve headlined and we managed to see at least 3 songs before we had to be responsible parents and take the boys back to our tent, the food was fab, our guests in Bonnie, Beryl and sisters were truely lovely! Take a look at our LOTF page and why not do a camping trip with a difference!

It’s been a great summer of camping this year.  We’ve never eaten so much barbecued haloumi, nor have we slept so soundly (nothing to do with haloumi…just fresh air).  Next year we plan to do even more road trips.  Who knows, we may even tow Beryl our new vintage caravan.  Take a look and see how we’ve kitted her out.  We think you’ll like…

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