Can I tow Beryl?


First of all you need a car with a tow bar and preferably some towing experience.  You then need to know whether your car is able to tow Beryl legally.

At Glampervan, we recommend you only tow a caravan that weighs 85 per cent or less of your car’s kerbweight, this allows for added luggage weight and steep inclines you may be forced to use while towing.

To work it out, you will need the following information on your car:

  • MAM – Maximum Authorised Mass
  • GTW – Gross Train Weight
  • MTPLM – Maximum Technically Permissable Laden Mass. Beryl’s MTPLM is 850kgs.

Some figures will appear on the weight plates of your car. The others should be given in the car’s handbook.

Legally, if you add together the MAM of your car and Beryl’s MTPLM (850kgs), the total weight must not exceed the GTW of the car.

Some car manufacturers also quote different towing limits for the same car, depending on whether or not it is carrying passengers. It’s therefore important to confirm the towing limit of your car in the situation you’ll be using it. The limit should be given in your car’s handbook, but you may need to contact the manufacturer if it’s unclear.